[Hana Rebun]

Rebun Island, the floating isle of flowers where around 300 varieties of alpine plants bloom at 0m above sea level.
Mount Rishiri, which soars above the sea, bears a different appearance in each season.
Is it the fantastic scenery, or the warmth of the local people, that stirs up mysterious and somehow nostalgic feelings?
We at “Hana Rebun” cherish this island, the sea, and the people connected to the island.
So we treasure visitors to this island, and welcome you with heartfelt hospitality.


You can enjoy various dishes made with local Rebun sea urchins, thick and fatty hokke (Okhotsk atka mackerel) caught on the foreshore, fresh and richly-flavored botan shrimp, and luxurious amounts of high-quality Rishiri kombu (kelp).


We offer a range of room types, from our suitably spacious and comfortable standard Japanese-style and Western-style guestrooms, to rooms featuring open-air baths where you can enjoy a moment of luxury while gazing at the scenery.


Our large public baths and open-air baths, which gaze out onto stunning views of Mount Rishiri soaring above the sea, take their waters from the source of the Usuyukinoyu natural hot spring. Soothe your tiredness from a long journey or a walk among the flowers, and spend a moment here that fully soothes both mind and body.


From Wakkanai Ferry Terminal, it takes approximately 115 minutes to Kafuka Port in Rebun Island.
“Hana Rebun” can be reached in around five minutes on foot from Kafuka Port. We also provide a port pickup service.


558 Tonnai, Kafukamura,
Rebun-cho, Rebun-gun, Hokkaido

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